the Intermountain West’s largest producer of environmentally friendly Biodiesel


Biodiesel-fuel-pumpSince our inception in 2007, WRE Biofuels has set itself apart as a leader in the production of advanced biofuels and chemicals. Today, we are the Intermountain West’s largest producer of environmentally friendly Biodiesel and operate the biggest seed oil crush plant in the United States.

Our Biodiesel is produced through environmentally friendly chemical processes using natural products. The end product is tested to ensure it meets the required ASTM standards and BQ-9000 quality certification. At WRE Biofuels we pride ourselves in producing a clean, renewable fuel from sustainable sources.

Each WRE Group company plays a vital role in the development of our Biodiesel. By managing the process from seed crop to natural fuel, WRE Group can carefully control all steps to ensure the highest-quality, most environmentally conscious product possible.

WRE Feed & Mill

partners with farmers to grow all-natural oilseed crops, such as soybeans and canola. More than 78 tons of seed a day are processed at our northern Utah crush plant. The resulting virgin oils are shipped to WRE Biofuel to be turned into Biodiesel.

WRE Recyclers

collects used cooking oil, grease, and petroleum-based oils from businesses across the nation. These waste oils yield another source that WRE Biofuels refines into Biodiesel.

WRE Chem & Pharm

takes the glycerin that’s naturally produced in the Biodiesel refinement process and purifies it for use by food makers, cosmetic manufacturers, and pharmaceutical companies.

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